Corporate Overview

We build the facilities that keep your people comfortable and work-ready in harsh and remote environments.

OTOC has established a strong reputation designing and building critical support infrastructure for companies like Rio Tinto, BHP and FMG. We are ready to take on any remote area non-process infrastructure project you have planned, from start to finish.



  • What We Do

    Support infrastructure is pivotal to business wealth.

    At OTOC Australia, we plan, create, manage and maintain non-process resource infrastructure necessary for a remote, arid or isolated worksite, including:

    • Permanent and temporary accommodation buildings

    • Administration buildings

    • Workshops and warehouses

    • Village facilities

    • Kitchen, laundry and health buildings

    • Decommissioning remote area infrastructure and worksites


    We are the holistic ‘one-stop shop’ to remote area operations by providing our clients with every necessary service, including:

    • Power Generation and Electrical services

    • Satellite and Communication technologies

    • Water Hydraulics and Plumbing services

    • Infrastructure Design and Construction services

    • Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance services

    • Asset Management, Tagging and Validation services


    These cross-departmental services are detailed on our services page and demonstrated in the selected real world creations examples listed on our projects page.

  • How We Work

    When there is something to be done, we can do it all.

    From the design and installation of entire operational villages, to the commissioning of detailed earthworks, to the ongoing facility management and then finally to the decommissioning of worksites, OTOC Australia has the capacity and capability to facilitate every aspect of a remote area project brief.


    We deliver our promises.

    While we are all-inclusive to take care of everything, from initial design to implementation through to decommissioning, it is our transparency, our commitment and our value driven focus that constitute our character.  It is our pledge to maintain our integrity and ongoing assurance to keep our clients advised at every stage of the project life

    We commence by formulating a project brief, then proceed to develop a preliminary concept and estimate and finally progress to detailed plans including a firm quotation and work schedule. Our consistency in delivering our promises and maintaining our work ethic has granted an exemplary track record of delivering projects on schedule and within budget.


    We don’t outsource, we have the people that’s needed in house.

    OTOC’s success in consistently delivering high quality projects on time and on budget is by our unique capability of in-house trade specialists in each of the disciplines.  Having our own workforce means we are more responsive to the needs of our clients as well as being innovative and solution focused in design and project delivery. We can ensure the standard of work done by knowing the calibre of our specialists and therefore have an unrivalled accountability that enables us to continually exceed expectations


    We share the work, we shoulder the responsibility and we get the job done.

    There is no lone worker at OTOC Australia but instead a group that echoes our commitment to going further and doing more for our clients to achieve high levels of satisfaction that result in long standing business relationships with key partners across all of our disciplines.

    Whilst our senior team members have different areas of expertise and operations, we work as a collective unit.   On every project, at any given time, every team member has an acute awareness of the project knowing exactly what’s going on and what’s happening next.


    It all ties in together.

    Who we are and what we offer enables us to fulfil every requirement of projects in resources, government and communication infrastructure development and redevelopment.

    Boasting a client portfolio that includes entities such as BHP, Rio Tinto, FMG and the Commonwealth Government, our value driven ethos to safely deliver our clients with complete seamless quality projects and fully integrated solutions sees us facilitating all aspects of remote infrastructure projects throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region.

  • Our people

    Our true strength is in our people.

    The OTOC team is a cooperative group of highly qualified and skilled people with a collective power unrivalled in our sector. Our Heads of Department are at the core of our business.  Their managerial skills and ability to provide clear direction and support for their teams have contributed significantly to OTOC’s outstanding reputation.

    Simon Thomas | Chief Executive Officer, OTOC Limited

    Brian Mangano | Chief Financial Officer, OTOC Limited

    Simon Lukan | General Manager

    Mick Kestel | Operations Manager

    Travis Young | Communication Manager

    Dean Keat | Electrical Manager

    Zoro (Zed) Micevski | Infrastructure Manager






  • History

    OTOC has grown from a leading on-site electrical contractor to providing complete infrastructure solutions for major mining and resource industry clients.

    Adam Lamond, OTOC’s Chief Executive Officer, began his career as an Electrician. As a young tradesman he gained much of his experience on remote sites. The expertise he achieved was put to good use when he started his own venture Ocean to Outback Electrical in 2003.

    By maintaining his steadfast commitment to high quality service, Adam’s reputation grew along with the scale of projects on which he worked. Adam began working on larger camps for bigger mining companies.

    During this period, Adam recognised the need for a “one-stop-shop” that could set up remote facilities from beginning to end. After a sustained period of hard work, much change and tremendous growth, Ocean to Outback Contracting was established in 2008.  Growing exponentially and forming additional business functions such as construction services and communications the company enjoyed strong growth from inception and in 2011 was renamed OTOC Australia, better known simply as ‘OTOC’. 

  • What We Believe

    One group, one goal.

    As a part of the OTOC group of companies, OTOC Australia supports the group’s primary objective, which is to deliver increased value to stakeholders within a culture that is diverse, sustainable and collaborative.  This culture incorporates our ELITE values:

    •          Equality, for all humanity;

    •          Leadership, demonstrating respect, courage and precedent;

    •          Integrity, delivering on our commitments;

    •          Teamwork, achieving positive outcomes together and interacting at all levels;

    •          Enjoyment, eliminating negative influences and celebrating accomplishment.

    The group’s obligation to its stakeholders includes not just shareholders, but also our employees, joint venture partners, customers and the communities in which we operate.

    With this understanding and a supportive team environment, the group’s vision is to achieve a successful, secure and prosperous future.

  • Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Standards

    We don’t compromise on safety.

    We don’t compromise on safety.

    OTOC Australia is fully certified with SAI Global to Safety AS4801, Quality ISO9001 and Environment ISO14001 standards and has obtained Federal Safety Accreditation.

    With a focus on maximising service quality and delivery to customers, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality processes are essential components of the company’s platform, whilst always striving towards the ultimate goal of Zero Harm.

    OTOC Australia is proud to be accredited under the Australian Government Building and Construction OHS Accreditation Scheme

  • Simon Thomas

    Chief Executive Officer

      Mr Thomas is a former BHP Senior Executive who br …

  • Brian Mangano

    Chief Financial Officer

      Brian has 24 years’ experience at listed co …